We Bring The Whole Egg (Not Just The Yolk)

[yōk] NOUN: the yellow internal part of a bird’s egg, which is surrounded by the white, is rich in protein and fat, and nourishes the developing embryo.
[advertising and marketing]: An Integrated Digital Marketing And Media Agency By Marketers, Creators, Designers, Technologists, Media Planners And Film Creators Under One Roof To Deliver Your Business The Whole Egg.

our story

Hey Folks it’s The Yolk Media, we are a Digital Marketing And Media Agency by managers from Amazon and Google With Global Capabilities Across Marketing, Branding And Web Design And Development. The Yolk Media has come a long way with a geographic presence in four strategic cities of India: Mumbai, Chennai NCR, and Bangalore. It’s surreal to date back to the days where we embarked on our journey as a small-size digital marketing agency. A few like-minded people laid the foundation for ‘The Yolk Media’ and shaped it up from ground zero. Our staunch belief in our expertise helped move mountains and secure a place in this aggressive market.

Our team aims to build brands, deepen customer relationships, and enable the highest value satisfaction. We thrive on a high percentage of repeat business and take pride in this because we work as companions to achieve our customer’s mission.


People behind The Yolk

Charit Anchan
Founder And CEO
Kushal Bhasker
Head Of Marketing
Sunil Deshpande
Head Of Design
Vinay Poojary
Head Of Operations
Avni Naik
HEAD OF Human Resource
Sahil Chauhan
Head of Video and Content