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Hey Folks, It’s the Yolk. We are an Integrated Digital Marketing And Media Agency By Managers From Amazon And Google with global capabilities across Marketing, Branding and web design and development. We create digital experiences that are human-centered and future proof.

Hey Folks, It’s the Yolk Media. We are an Integrated Digital Marketing And Media Agency By Managers From Amazon And Google with global capabilities across Marketing, Branding and web design and development. We create digital experiences that are human-centered and future proof.

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We Deliver Conversions Leads Users Engagement Value Sales

We Deliver Leads Users Value Sales Growth

A Yolk is considered the powerhouse of energy, and that’s what The Yolk Media Is for its clients’ businesses. Finding ideas that grow brands is our core strength. But it’s how we do it that makes Us such a great option. Formerly Known As Impression, We At The Yolk Media believe that an effective strategy is one that intertwines all channels seamlessly, Hence We’ve put together an Integrated Team of Marketers, Creators, Designers, Technologists, Media Planners and Film Creators under one roof to deliver your Business the whole Egg. We aren’t the typical agency that provides the same service to one and all. Consider us as your extended team, who works with you to deliver what matters most, Your Business Goals.

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Create a solid first impression on your visitors with a concrete website design. The Yolk Media ensures that the design oozes a positive vibe on your visitors by resonating the importance of your brand and services. 48% of visitors determine the credibility of your business with its website design.We also ensure that your website is compatible with mobiles, tablets and other devices.

We believe that a good marketing strategy centers around telling stories and involves helping companies find customers, connect with them, and build lasting relationships. Through a mix of strategy and hyper-targeted accuracy, traditional media, PR and digital media, we move customers through a defined marketing funnel to purchase.

We are living in a fast-paced world today. Gone are the days when you wait endlessly for your prospects. Immediacy is the new keyword in the world of marketing. Moreover, with ever growing numbers of people using the internet everyday, digital takes a major share in the world of media consumption. 

A website’s scope is pretty broad, and your business should leave no stone unturned to leverage its potential. Especially considering the paradigm shift in the way customers connect with brands, a website has a significant role to play. Moving from one store to another has been replaced by browsing from one website to the other.

Video Production is now a necessary element for your company’s marketing. Our video production services will guide you and create for you the best suitable videos for your company’s marketing. Expand Your Brand Engagement through Visual Media. Videos and Pictures are more likely to create a catchy impression on your customers.

Media Planning & Buying team comprises of analysts and buyers who plan and execute online and offline media strategies basis the creative and business objective of brands.

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Yolk Folk!

See past experiments, what we’re working on today, and what we plan for the future. We score, track, and prioritize marketing experiments in a process we call Yolk Folk™ that you get access to.

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See all your important metrics for all your acquisition channels at a glance, while being able to change the date ranges as well.

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Business Reviews

Get detailed analysis of winning and losing experiments in relation to your goals. We’ll also share future strategies and tactics.

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Scheduled Meetings

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Answered By The Experts

Digital marketing is used to define all marketing efforts which encompass the use of the online world including mobile devices, computers and the internet. Digital marketing channels include search engines, email, social media, affiliate websites and more.

A digital marketing strategy is a plan or outline which is put in place to help a business to achieve specific goals in the digital realm. This can include a combination of digital channels or a focus on a single digital channel to help to achieve these goals. Our expert team will define a digital strategy which will help to meet your business objectives, while ensuring you achieve ROI.

Knowing how much you should budget for digital marketing will entirely depend on your business objectives, target audience, overall marketing budget and future plans. Some sources recommend spending 50% of your marketing budget on digital, however for some business models this can be 80-100%. Talk to a member of our team today about where you should be allocating your digital marketing budgets.

Choosing a digital marketing agency can be a daunting task with so many agencies out there on the market. When choosing a digital marketing agency, it’s important to know who they’ve worked with before, and to talk to them about how they can best help you. At The Yolk Media, we are happy to have a discussion about your website and will also provide you with a full digital marketing audit to show you how we can help to improve your online efforts.

All industries and all sectors can benefit from digital marketing. While it may be an obvious strategy for some industries such as retail, health, education, entertainment, real estate, finance, technology and fashion, many other industries such as construction, B2B, hospitality, manufacturing companies and more can all generate great ROI. Take a look at some of the industries we’ve helped, here.

There are a number of benefits to digital marketing for any company in all sectors. Firstly, marketing digitally can provide you with global reach, helping you to maximise your visibility across new markets and perhaps even trade globally. Digital marketing campaign costs are also typically a lot cheaper than many traditional marketing methods. However, one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the measurable results it provides. Online metric tools can help you to establish the effectiveness of the campaign.

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