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How a leading plastic surgeon improved organic conversions by 55.9%

71% increase in site visits (YoY)

201% increase in referral visits (MoM)

40% Increase in clicks from Google My Business (MoM)

43% increase in Google My Business directions requests and phone calls (MoM)

Company Overview:

Established by Dr Mrinalini Sharma, this premier plastic surgery clinic has been providing a vast number of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments in Delhi NCR. Plastic Surgery is quite different from other medical fields as the final outcomes depend on the doctor’s understanding of your ultimate goals from a specific plastic or cosmetic surgery treatment.


Always a competitive market, plastic surgery in New Delhi has become even more so with the deferral of elective surgeries during the 2020 global pandemic. To remain competitive—to consistently generate organic digital leads— Dr Sharma of Aestiva needed to perform a thorough audit and optimization of its website and Google My Business listing. With a lot of high-value content designed to drive leads for high-value plastic surgery services, Dr Sharma needed a digital agency capable of aligning all site content with SEO best practices to maximize traffic and conversions.


On-page and technical SEO updates.

After completing a thorough, deep-dive SEO audit of all site content and digital channels, The Yolk Media made the following changes:

  • Identified and manually removed non-www URLs to eliminate crawl waste and reduce excessive redirects.
  • Cleaned up XML sitemap by removing thousands of pages not meant to be indexed by search engines. Optimized canonical tags for indexable pages and resolved a missing subfolder.
  • Built an internal content linking scheme to help users and search engines discover relevant content.
  • Performed mobile optimization to address mobile usability errors and ensure all site pages were mobile-friendly for search engines and users.
  • Improved page load speeds by serving optimizing images, limiting redirects, and deferring JavaScript parsing.
  • Wrote custom page titles for all core landing pages and new blog topics to improve individual page rankings and CTR.
  • Wrote custom meta descriptions for all relevant pages (84% of pages were missing meta descriptions) and added alt text to all images.

Location Pages and Google My Business Optimization:

Because so much of its business comes from the local market, Dr Sharma’s Aestiva needed a local search strategy. The Yolk Media team put together a comprehensive local search strategy, one built on optimized location pages with unique content, local publications and websites to reach out to for backlinks, and optimizations for the surgery centre’s Google My Business listing.


To call Dr Sharma’s Aestiva engagement with The Yolk Media a complete overhaul is an understatement. While the surgery centre’s site had plenty of rich content, there was a tremendous opportunity for SEO optimizations that would improve organic rankings significantly.

Over the course of twelve months, and as a result of The Yolk Media’s search optimization plan, Dr Sharma’s Aestiva has seen tremendous results. Year over year, their site has enjoyed a 62% increase in website visits. What’s more, this traffic is converting into leads (form fills, requests for information, and appointments), to the tune of a

55.9% increase in conversions YoY. More recently, the surgery centre’s site has seen a 40% increase in clicks from Google, as well as a 201% increase in organic referral visits—both month over month.

Locally, Dr Sharma is now tapping into the local plastic surgery market, in some cases displacing competitors on search engine results pages (SERPs). The surgery centre’s Google My Business listing, for example, has seen a 9.5% increase in site visits, as well as a 68% increase in directions requests. People in Delhi who are looking for plastic surgery are coming across Dr Sharma’s Aestiva when they start exploring their options on Google.