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Case Study on The Fat boy



374% increase in revenue

426% increase in orders

With only a 188% increase in cost-per-order throughout the growth period

There once was a time when “food delivery” was specific to just Chinese or pizza. That time has long passed. These days, consumers can order any food for delivery. And with services like Zomato and Swiggy entering the fray, the competition is fierce. Even well-established brands, like Pizza Hut and Dominos, are struggling to stay top of mind when customers are considering their meal-time options.

There are hardly any pizza lovers in Alwarpet who are unaware of The Fat Boy- the famous pizza restaurant. So brand awareness was not really a problem for them, because people already knew them as one of the best restaurants serving delicious pizza. We have personally verified this. 😉 “Consideration” is precisely why the local pizza chain wanted a digital marketing service- To help their restaurant outwit and outlast, the competition, all while driving direct response to cover the cost of advertising – and then some.

In 2020, the marketing work we did with The Fat Boy, Chennai helped to keep them in the consideration pool while driving transactions and revenue at the most efficient ROAS (return on ad spend) possible. The numbers speak for themselves:


While the numbers speak for themselves, the behind-the-scenes work required to achieve this kind of growth across various co-ops locations is the real star. This is especially relevant when working with a national brand that has different challenges unique to each market – all within an industry where trends and behaviours change in an instant. Adaptability is the name of the game.

Our approach to tackling these challenges is three-pronged: (1) Understand each market’s unique situation, audiences and opportunities, (2) Let the data do the talking, and (3) Execute media buys in-house to save on markups costs and remain in charge of the data. Because our team of media buyers sits within the 4 walls, we’re able to provide results from a digital media mix that is ever-changing and ever-improving.

Our advertising mix in any given market likely includes:

We customize this mix for every market – here just a few of the factors considered when determining the right mix:

  • Challenges unique to the market, such as high competition, declining ticket averages, projected comp hurdles
  • The potential reach/volume of online users in The Fat Boy’s trade areas
  • The cost to advertise in a specific market, and the trend of that cost throughout the calendar year (where & when can we invest money most efficiently)
  • Ongoing performance insights – we constantly shift ad spend to the most efficient media based on the data


The only way to run successful ad campaigns is to test your campaigns, research your marketplace, and make changes frequently, but only when necessary to improve.

We’ve also targeted ads at people who frequented other pizza delivery and quick service restaurants through an evolving conquesting campaign; we’ve developed lookalike audiences across all franchise locations to expand the reach and implemented geofencing strategies that serve ads aligned with delivery areas specific to franchise locations.

And not to forget core remarketing strategies that display ads to audiences that have visited or engaged with The Fat Boy’s online, on mobile and on social media.

In short, we’ve married the art with the science of hyper-local marketing. By differentiating our strategies based on the data in front of us, we have successfully driven hyper-local results throughout The Fat Boy’s system.

And we’re just getting started.