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Case Study on ITC Chain of hotels

Brand Overview:

ITC Hotel is one of India’s top three hotel and resort chains. The ITC chain offers more than 100 hotels that cater to a variety of customer price points and experiences. ITC has built more than 8 hotels under the ‘ITC Luxury Collection’ brand. The Grand Central – Mumbai, Maratha – Mumbai, Maurya – New Delhi, Mughal – Agra, Windsor – Bengaluru, Gardenia – Bengaluru, Kakatiya – Hyderabad, and Sonar – Kolkata are all part of the Luxury Collection. Today, the brand has reshaped and redesigned India’s luxury and hotel industries.


This level of legacy had already helped ITC in their brand awareness efforts but a huge problem was with the kind of competition ITC was facing. With more competitors attempting to eat up market share, the hotel giant was in need of ways to maintain its leader status, specifically with overnight business travellers who make up a large portion of the traffic that Chatrapati Shivaji Airport sees on a daily basis.


It’s no secret that Chatrapati Shivaji Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. As such, we could expect that ITC Maratha’s local competitors were hard at work actively targeting business travellers.

We conducted a thorough investigation into all of the hotels that surround Chatrapati Shivaji Airport in order to assess their place in the market and to see where ITC Maratha could make an immediate impact. Once that data was gathered, we developed an SEO campaign with the specific goal of targeting qualified guests.

This distinction – to target qualified guests – ensured that our client wouldn’t be inundated with irrelevant traffic. This type of traffic not only bogs down resources and skews reports, but it could also be costly (specifically when conducting a PPC campaign).


 • Compiling keywords to target (which helped to keep our messaging narrowed and focused)

 • Developing ongoing press releases, articles, and link building strategies

 • Reputation management within online travel agencies and online review sites

This Type Of Broad Approach To SEO Requires A Clear Strategy And The Support Of An Entire SEO Team, From Content Creators To Marketing Specialists To Media Buyers.

Because we offer full-service SEO solutions in-house, we were able to design and implement ITC Maratha’s strategy quickly and effectively, so that our client would see results … fast.

Page one Google rankings for its top 20 targeted keywords in 4 months

  • 50+ page one Google rankings after just 7 months
  • A 73% increase in monthly revenue
  • A 100% response to OTA reviews within 48 hours

ITC Maratha’s immediate success is one thing – but maintaining these types of results requires ongoing maintenance and adaptations in order to remain relevant in an industry that’s constantly evolving.