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Case study for A innovative skincare brand

Performance skincare brand launches D2C


Super Facialist sells a premium range of innovative skincare products in retailers such as Waitrose and Boots. We worked with their parent company Swallowfield PLC to develop the digital identity & tone of voice for the brand.

This acted as a launchpad to establish a direct to consumer business model selling their performance skincare products straight to consumers.


Performance skincare

Expertise Delivered

Performance Marketing
Analytics Setup

Performance Media

We were tasked with driving online sales through the use of search marketing, performance marketing and longer-term content-led SEO strategy.

Facebook Advertising

1. Brand awareness campaign

At the Awareness stage, our Facebook ad goal was to attract new audiences. We used carousel ads for that. 

This ad does a good job at highlighting “benefits to the customer” rather than mere features of the product.

2. Consideration campaign 

Using warm audiences from the awareness stage and getting them interested to try out our product was the goal here. We ensured that the website was well designed and optimized for user experience for the visitors on the site in this stage. 

During this stage, we can be more direct and ask for users contact info in exchange for something of value. For example downloadable pdf, special offer, free sample or trial, Giveaways, webinars etc.  

For Super Facialist we used an Image ad to offer free lipstick & £5 wallet cash in exchange for app install.

By incentivizing prospects to take a small action, We were able to build trust before asking users to pay for something.

The choice of incentives was also thoughtful aligning with the audience they’re targeting.

3. Conversion Campaigns 

In the earlier stages, we’d introduced our brand, got users interested, and built trust with them. To get leads excited we made sure to clearly communicate our value proposition. 

Consumers have never had so many distractions that prevent them from completing checkouts. Using Facebook and Instagram retargeting we ensured users who ‘added to basket’ were reminded at a later stage.

We also used DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) to show the right products to people who have expressed interest in them.

For example, if a shopper views a shaving razor, the next time around, Facebook will dynamically retarget that user with exact products.

4. Post-purchase campaign

We focused majorly on increasing the customer lifetime value of existing buyers by converting them into loyal customers And promoters.

We also incentivized these two main actions during the post-purchase phase:

  • Repeat purchases
  • Word-of-mouth advertising

Google Shopping

Using Google Shopping provided instant SERPs visibility for key generics such as ‘facial scrub’ and ‘retinol cleanser’. The shopping feed featured automated customer reviews, promotions and price drops. Utilising these features increased user click-through rates and campaign performance.

Search Engine optimization

Our longterm goal was to supplement SEO with performance media but with any new site launch, this was going to take time. We set about conducting an SEO audit before implementing product category landing pages, amends and Schema markup improvements (stock status, reviews and price).