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Case study for A global footwear company

See how we helped a global footwear brand increase ROI by more than 300% in one quarter.

Results at a Glance:

195% Increase in revenue

307% Increase in ROAS in Q1 2019

10.7% Increase in ROAS Q2 2019

7000+ New eCommerce transactions in the first 3 quarters


When a global footwear company like The Athlete’s Foot USA (TAF USA) decides to launch a brand-new eCommerce site, it looks to partner with a digital marketing agency capable of driving online sales at an enterprise scale.

We also reconnected with people who had visited The Souled Store’s products online but had not added any items to their online shopping carts or made any purchases in the previous 10 days using the website Custom Audiences.

TAF USA selected The Yolk Media amongst a number of agencies for just this reason: an innovative, creative, and brand-focused agency with proven success managing large media accounts.


TAF USA planned to launch a new eCommerce site in Q4 2018 and they wanted to hit the ground running. With the help of our team, the company developed a plan to deliver on aggressive sales goals for the 12 months following the launch.

TAF USA would rely on us to create and manage all digital advertising campaigns, as well as to guide search engine optimization (SEO) strategies aimed at enhancing brand positioning, increasing brand visibility online, and raising awareness within TAF’s target market. Ultimately, the goal was to secure incremental revenue increases for TAF USA, quarter by quarter, using a mix of digital marketing strategies.

Strategy & Tactics

TAF USA had the launch of their new e-commerce site slated at a critical time: the last quarter of the year. For many e-commerce businesses, sales tend to peak during Q4. The company needed to get their digital program up and running so that sales were being driven from day one.

To meet these aggressive strategic objectives, our team launched with a mix of targeted strategies that would be monitored and refined, removed, or replaced—always based on the data—on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Though the mix of strategies was slightly modified each quarter, it was broadly comprised of the following


The launch of the ecommerce site followed a strategy that began with an aggressive launch, followed by quarter-by-quarter monitoring and refinement. The general strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs), and progress are detailed below, from Q4 2018 through Q2 2019.

Q4 2018

Launch the ecommerce site and associated marketing activities

The stated goal of Q4 (phase 1) marketing activities was to test multiple strategies, then identify and refine core strategies based on KPIs identified during discovery. The KPIs? Return on ad spend (ROAS), transactions, and incremental revenue

Given that Q4 strategy coincided with the launch of the ecommerce site itself, it was very focused on revenue-generation. It was also a time of vigorous tactic testing—a time when The Yolk Media was introducing various channels and ad formats to gain an understanding of what worked best for this new digital audience.

Q1 2019

Focus on feed-based initiatives, social media campaigns, and promotional periods

In Q1 2019, the objective was to introduce additional feed-based initiatives and then hone in on the core strategies based on demonstrated results. This included the introduction of social stories on new releases, brand bananas, as well as Facebook DPAs alongside PLAs and DCO. The Yolk Media also focused on list segmentation for email campaigns, leading to significantly higher open rates

Q2 2019

Maximize feed-based initiatives, drive awareness on social channels, surface sale items in relevant searches

By Q2 2019, TAF USA and The Yolk Media team understood where to focus and expand resources to maximize reach and revenue

This included a greater focus on email campaigns, which saw a 127% increase in revenue generation and a 97% increase in subscribership, as well as Google Shopping, text ads, and DPAs, which saw 66%, 13%, and 14% increases in revenue, respectively